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Nobody Bats 1,000, Your Personal Readme, Why Your Brain Believes Untrue Stuff. TPL Issue #119

As always, feel free to forward to leaders, managers and others who may find this useful. Received a

Tech People Leadership

November 18 · Issue #119 · View online
Links, notes and opinions for leaders in the tech industry.

As always, feel free to forward to leaders, managers and others who may find this useful. Received a forwarded copy? Sign up here!

Nobody Bats A Thousand: The Journey From Manager to Executive
Cognitive Bias And Why Performance Management is So Hard
How to Improve Every Aspect of Your Team – Tech People Leadership – Medium
Personal "Readmes"
12 “Manager Readmes” From Silicon Valley’s Top Tech Companies
Introducing Colleague.Readme – Steve 'Vudu' Tauber – Medium
Thinking, Intuition, Orgs as Networks
Non Cogito, Ergo Sum | 1843
How Your Brain Keeps You Believing Crap That Isn’t True
Work as Interaction – Esko Kilpi – Medium
(I came across this during a week in which I saw several, increasingly ridiculous “morning schedules” - of the “wake at 3.30am, meditate, workout, finish creative work, down a kale smoothie” type. This is a good antidote)
“The most appealing daily schedule I know is that of a turn-of-the-century Danish aristocrat. He got up at four and set out on foot to hunt black grouse, wood grouse, woodcock, and snipe. At eleven he met his friends, who had also been out hunting alone all morning. They converged “at one of these babbling brooks,” he wrote. He outlined the rest of his schedule. “Take a quick dip, relax with a schnapps and a sandwich, stretch out, have a smoke, take a nap or just rest, and then sit around and chat until three. Then I hunt some more until sundown, bathe again, put on white tie and tails to keep up appearances, eat a huge dinner, smoke a cigar and sleep like a log until the sun comes up again to redden the eastern sky. This is living…. Could it be more perfect?”
Annie Dillard
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