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Managing Up (Your Boss is a Human), Coaching Your Team, Post-Mortems - Issue #66


Tech People Leadership

July 30 · Issue #66 · View online
Links, notes and opinions for leaders in the tech industry.

Managing Up
Your boss is a human being who wants you to do well (at least, to a first and second approximation).  The fundamental step in “managing up” is therefore the same as managing in any other direction: forming a relationship based on shared understanding and trust. 
The higher up the org you go, the more “managing up” becomes a necessity: both you and your boss are dealing with higher stakes and more complex abstractions, so shared understanding and trust go a long way.
The following posts have a bundle of useful tips and idea.  
Angela Spaxman, Executive Coaching from Hong Kong – How to Coach Your Boss
Influencing Upward: The Skill You Need to Get Ahead
I Know My Manager Is Flailing and/or Drowning When: – Rands in Repose
Ten Techniques for Building Quick Rapport With Anyone
Average Manager vs. Great Manager – The Year of the Looking Glass – Medium
Coaching Your Team
The GROW Model - Coaching Training From
7 Questions Successful Managers Ask Their Employees - Business Insider
Elided Branches: Building and Motivating Engineering Teams
Management: Post-Mortems
RIP — Really Insightful Postmortem – Startups & Venture Capital
Blameless PostMortems and a Just Culture - Code as Craft
Go See This (San Francisco)
My good friend Dan Hoyle is performing his one-man show “Each and Every Thing” these days at the Marsh on Valencia in San Francisco.  It’s a very smart, very thoughtful, very funny investigation of the power of our digital devices over human connection.  Dan’s been performing and writing for over fifteen years in SF and New York and is just a master.
The Marsh have decided that Thursday Aug 10th is Tech Night, and you can get $8 off with the code “Unicorn” here.
Why is this in the newsletter?  If you’ve worked with me, you’ll know that I see a key piece of leadership development to be the growing of our emotional range, and our ability to build and navigate strong relationships.  Dan comes at the same stuff, from a very different angle.  And he’s funny, which I admire!
“I don’t know anything, but I do know that everything is interesting if you go into it deeply enough”          Richard Feynman
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